#ThrowbackThursday – Audrey Kitching (2012)

audrey kitching vanityhype magazine 2012Back in 2012 we featured the gorgeous Audrey Kitching on the cover of the magazine. We’d already previously interviewed her back in 2011, but felt we needed a follow-up and more coverage – so hello cover girl!

With a wacky photo set (look at that make-up!) and an honest interview, this particular issue was one of the most popular out of all of them for the year 2012. She also wrote about it on her popular blog, which caused many Tumblr posts from girls who look up to her and took what she said as inspiration, aawww!

“Celebrities these days seem to be so fake and manufactured and it’s bad for self-esteem. No one can live up to that because it’s not real!”

As a talented model in her own right, MySpace ‘fame’ helped her boom with popularity, and she became one of the ‘it’ girls at the beginning of the social media generation. Everyone was posting her pictures, talking about her and admiring her, and we could see why! Not just beautiful, but with brains too.

audrey kitching blog vanityhype

VanityHype issue 12

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