Reviewed: Professor Green & Wretch 32

Live at Nottingham's Rock City, December 3rd 2014

wretch 32 VanityHype nottingham rock cityA lot of people were excited tonight, and that’s because Wretch 32 was up on the bill as special guest support. After DJ IQ had left the stage, the atmosphere had become alive thanks to his presence.

Playing mash-ups of old school hip hop, Wretch 32 delighted the crowd at Nottingham’s Rock City. The venue was packed, the air was sweaty and inside the venue was the place to be.

“Is it true – I’ve got more energy than you guys?” he asked the audience. He was waiting for the crowd to go mental, and his wish came true. He boomed into his own cover of Labrinth’s ‘Earthquake’ which shook the room (pun intended). He then went on to perform his own tracks such as ‘Six Words’ and ‘Don’t Go’.

“I just wanted to be the best rapper,” he said in between songs. “I never thought I’d get a number 1. You never know what you can achieve.” His moment of inspiring words hit the crowd before going into his last track, ‘Traktor’. It ended on a brilliant drum & bass number which revved everybody up.

With a live backing band which included a glittery gold drum kit and a very talented female singer, Professor Green entered the stage. The screams from adoring fans couldn’t beProfessor green VanityHype nottingham rock city missed as he smiled at the audience in front of him. Straight away they began with his current single, ‘Little Secrets’. “Nottingham, let me see both your fucking hands in the air!” he shouted as the song ended, sending everyone wild.

The interaction between him and the female singer (I must find out her name) was great all night. It was playful, and added a touch of character to his set – oh, and not to mentioned what an amazing vocalist she is!

He went on to perform ‘Oh My God’, ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ (which he ended by trying to strum a guitar whilst holding a bottle of beer and a microphone…), ‘I Need You Tonight’, ‘Just Be Good To Green’ and ‘Can’t Dance Without You’.

Through his songs, you could see him laugh and smile at his own tongue in cheek lyrics, and I could hear people laughing near me. Professor Green showed genuine happiness of being up on the stage, and it was infectious to those around me. A good example of this was through the song ‘Name In Lights’ which went down a treat with the crowd.

After ‘Not Your Man’ and ‘Remedy’, Professor Green sat down and said: “I’m knackered. I really should kick the cigarettes.” This gained him plenty of laughs.

He had no time to rest though, and went straight into ‘Jungle’, and the one he said was his personal favourite, ‘Astronaut’. The tempo had been slowed down a little, and this continued with ‘In the Shadow of the Sun’. The atmosphere and hype in the room jumped back up again with ‘Growing Up In Public’, just before running off stage for an encore.

Chants of ‘We want more’ flooded the venue… and then flashing lights and the beat of a drum started, followed by Pro Green shouting: “You want some more Nottingham?” as he walked back on stage. He went straight into ‘Upper Clapton Dance’, followed by ‘Monster’ which had an amazing dub step breakdown, and ‘Avalon’.

“I promise they’ll be no more hiatus and I’ll be back in two weeks to see you again,” he laughed. “Well, if I don’t get hit by a car, divorced, married again or nicked! Can I sing one more song before I piss off?”

And he did, to the fans delight. ‘Read All About It’ went down a storm, and people were left satisfied after Professor Green’s thumping set. He is certainly back!

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