Reviewed: Example

Live at Nottingham's Rock City

example cropped vanityhype magazine

Dressed in a tie-dye ‘Not A Salad’ t-shirt, Example boomed onto the stage as the crowd went wild. Already the audience had been pumped up by DJs who are currently on the road touring with him as he performs at several venues over many, many weeks!

Backed by a live band, he went straight into ‘Stay Awake’, ‘Say Nothing’ and ‘Watch The Sun come Up’. As the third song came to a close he said to the packed out venue, “Now we’ve got the shit songs out of the way, you can be more livelier!”

Even though the room was already jumping like mad and making so much noise, ‘All The Wrong Places’ and ‘Perfect Replacement’ sent everyone into a frenzy on the dance floor, up on the balcony and at the back.

“Two people pulled out of the crowd already,” Example laughed. “Make some noise for the fallen soldiers!”

More tracks were performed such as ‘Playing in the Shadows’, ‘Close Enemies’, ‘Dirty Face’, ‘One More Day (Stay With Me)’, ‘Ten Million People’, ‘Won’t Go Quietly’, ‘Take Me As I Am’, and ‘Kids Again’.

“Now we’ve got the shit songs out of the way, you can be more livelier!”

As the encore approached and he ran off stage, everybody knew he was going to bounce back on – there were plenty of hit songs still to sing! Before the fans could get impatient, he came back on stage to sing ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’, a song by Calvin Harris featuring Example.

‘Kickstart’ and ‘Natural Disaster’ echoed around the room as fans sang along. The night ended with a track everybody had been waiting for – ‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me’.

Loud, crazy, sweaty and fun. Example is somebody you need to see live. No crazy gimmicks, screens or confetti – just him and his music! Wow.

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