We Caught-Up With Example

In issue 37 (out now!)


Last time we caught up with Example he was about to release his fifth studio album, ‘Live, Life, Living’. Now it’s post-album release, we got on the dog and bone to catch up to talk tour, tattoos and the album.

How you doing today, all good? Yeah, it’s my first day home in quite a while. So I’m happy.

Well, you’re about to set off on a mammoth tour, we know you picked out each venue yourself which is cool! Yeah, I sit down with the promoter and figure out what’s worthwhile doing as well as my favourite cities and places I’ve never been. So Stoke, Eastborne, Carlisle – there’s a good like ten places out of twenty eight that I’ve never been to.

The old days it would be crazy parties and fill the bus with ladies but now it’s more like cheese and wine with crackers

Are you looking forward to travelling around the UK for a few weeks? Well six weeks but yeah it’s going to be exciting, it’s gonna be tough too. I’ve got my pregnant wife on the other side of the world right now. I’ve just finished shooting a film for the last few weeks and now I’m rehearsing and then on tour. There’s a few days off here and there but I’ll be writing for the studio so it’s going to be hectic and tough!

That is so busy! Is there anything specific you like to take on the road with you to help you chill or keep entertained at all? We play a lot of X Box on the tour bus. We go to the gym, cinema and meals. Otherwise you get cabin fever. We’re quite basic, don’t have any special requests. Just get up, get changed, get in your track suit and warm up. The old days it would be crazy parties and fill the bus with ladies but now it’s more like cheese and wine with crackers. I’m not a very flashy person, I only really spend money on food. I like good food – if I was gonna be diva-ish then it would be to do with food.

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