Issue 36 Pin-Up: Sam!

Hot hairstylist Sam in issue 36 of VanityHype

Sam VanityHype preview issue 36
“The [photo] shoot with Nige Rorbach was excellent – so nice and relaxed, but brilliantly professional!

“I’m such a big kid at heart and I really want to go back to Disney land in America just to do all the theme parks and American shenanigans! And Vegas as well!

“I feel like I’m actually in my dream career at the moment. I love my hairdressing and I love where it takes me. I’d love to do modelling professionally, but I’m a shit for thinking I’m not good enough! I need to hit the gym more, then I’ll be happy to try it some more! People say I should give it a go but I’ve still not plucked up the courage to go to agencies and see if I have potential!

“My roses get a lot of appreciation from the most random of people and random places! I want to continue up my arm in the year but need to save some pennies, and need to come up with a slightly different but matching design! VanityHype Sam

“I prefer the black and grey tats as I’m not a huge fan of my tiger tattoo. I love coloured ink on others but I just personally think it’s gotta be done excellently to look amazing!”

Want to read the rest and see all the photos? Check out issue 36 in print here and for iOS and Android.

Photography by Immortal Images
Words by AJ
Underwear provided by aussieBum

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