We Caught-Up With Professor Green

For issue 35 (out now!)

professor green
Professor Green last released an album back in 2011. Three years later with over 2 million Twitter followers and a brand new album to boot, Mr. Green is ready and raring to go!

You had a crazy 2013! Did the year give you a lot to write about for the new album?
Yeah, it definitely did. I know you hear the phrase ‘people suffer for their art’, but I took it all a little bit too literally.

One of your highlights was obviously getting married to Millie. Have you dedicated any new music to her? Yeah, definitely. There is one song on the album – it just kind of, I don’t know – I think people thought I was going to come out and have gone soft, and the music to have changed or even perhaps suffer for it, but that definitely hasn’t happened. The only mentions of it on the album really are on a song called ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, which probably gives you some idea of the topic of conversation. All I really do is take the mickey out of the stereotypes. There were definitely a few moments where Millie heard lyrics and her facial expression said it all. Fortunately though it ended in a laugh but yeah, I’m still a cheeky little shit on the record, that hasn’t gone away. It’s not a collection of love songs about my doting wife.

I think it’s important that people learn to talk about depression and we try to remove some of the stigma attached to mental health issues

I’m sure your fans will be happy to hear that! Your latest single ‘Lullaby’, which features the new Scooter Braun artist, Tori Kelly, is due out next month. Could you tell us about the track? Yeah, I did go through a lot last year. I’ve always suffered with depression and in particular anxiety, which I think is something that’s not discussed very much. I did a piece for the Guardian today on it, and a Radio 1 documentary as well, as obviously my father committed suicide and with what Robin Williams has done, everything seems to have been highlighted again. It’s not worth anyone’s life for that to happen and it’s a shame that it seems that it has to happen to someone of high-profile for it to come to the forefront and be mentioned. I think it’s just important that people learn to talk about it and we try to remove some of the stigma attached to mental health issues, because when people hear mental health they automatically think ‘crazy’.

Yeah, this is obviously something that has affected and is close to you. Do you think there’s more that can be done about it? Definitely. ‘Lullaby’ was quite cathartic for me because it was just [about] getting what was going on inside my tiny brain out, but not everyone has an avenue to express themselves in that way. Although this song is about depression it’s not a depressing song, you know? It’s about the resolve and coming out the other side of it.

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