Cover Guy: Calum Best

Check him out in issue 35

Calum Best for VanityHype mag issue 35

“I’ve just gotten a lead role in a cool independent film called Country Man with Paddy Doherty about the traveller community,” Calum tells me with an obvious proud with himself tone. “Acting was my passion before I moved to London from LA but I got caught up in partying, sex, drugs – the lot, ha ha. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time, but now I’m back on track and following what I want to do. This movie is brilliant and about an amazing group of traveller people.”

The party boy turned fitness guru has no doubt come a long way since his bachelor days, and has decided to wave goodbye to his old lifestlye habits. “Man, I partied for several lifetimes! I had a great time doing it but it reached a point when I felt rough and pretty shit about my career and health, so decided to switch it up! I’ve been training hard and living healthy for a good few years. I’ve met some good people and started up my own range of health supplements called @bestlifesupps – super proud of it!

I still play in a 5-a-side league twice a week and visit Manchester United and Fulham often, as these are two teams my dad played for

“Our supplements are top of the line with cutting edge ingredients. I attended Body Power Expo this year and met Gavin Black who knows the business well. We talked for months and created this beauty! We’re starting with super greens, pre-workout, fatburners and multi vitamins. I can’t wait to share it with everyone and have it evolve into even more! I got lucky with the name Best, as you can make the name with most things, ha ha! Calum Best issue 35 vanityhype

“Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a blow out but now at 33 I keep ‘em few and far between! [On a night out] I’d party with Adriana Lima, Dan Bilzerian and Keith Richards, to name a few.”

Born in California in 1981 to parents Angie and the Irish-born football legend George Best, it’s only natural then that Calum has an interest in the sport. His parents met when George was playing for the Los Angeles Aztecs in 1975 and by 1978 they were married. In 1986 they divorced, 5 years after Calum was born.

“I love football, always have. I grew up in the States though, so it wasn’t as popular. I always followed [Manchester] United and played as a youth but it’s damn near impossible following in his [George Best’s] footsteps, ha ha!”

Even as a 33-year-old he has football in his blood. “I still play in a 5-a-side league twice a week and visit Manchester United and Fulham often, as these are two teams my dad played for.”

Want to read the rest? Check out issue 35 in print here and for iOS and Android.

Photography by Scott Phillipson
Styling: Joe Ottaway
Make-up: Jodie Sparkle
Photographed on location at the Wellington Club, Knightsbridge
Words by AJ

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