Rixton’s Jake Has A Chat!

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Rixton are making waves across the USA, and now it’s the UK’s turn to see what they’re all about. Already selling out shows and with a single on its way this summer, we caught up with 21-year-old vocalist Jake…

You’re releasing your debut single, ‘Me and My Broken Heart’ in the UK this month. It made the top 25 in the US… it’s still climbing apparently which is crazy!

Why did you decide to release it in the US first? Well our record label is based there, we’re signed out there. So our main label is in the US and our management is out there, and also Ryan Seacrest played it on one of his shows, so we had to fly out and take advantage of that really and to go out and promote it and to get everyone to listen to it! So that’s why. It really started picking up there first. We’re from the UK, this is home to us, but you know, I think with the US if you’ve got one chance you’ve just gotta take it and run, so we did!

It’s usually the other way round and you’d break America after the UK. Yes, it is! It’s kind of working which we’re really happy about. We never thought in a million years that we would have a chance of breaking America! It’s slowly looking that way for us, it’s incredible.

It included me naked on a wrecking ball. My mother hasn’t looked at me the same!

There’s a lot of girls, poker and other things going on in the video. Did you have fun filming that? It was a really, really, really fun day! The whole idea behind the filming was that it was meant to be like a Guy Ritchie type film. We had this actress come in to film and she’s the girl who was in Justin Bieber’s video, so she went from kissing Justin Bieber to kissing me… So basically I’ve kissed Justin Bieber (laughs)! But seriously, it was great fun and we just have a lot of fun really on video shoots and it’s the same with everything we do really. We like to take it all very light hearted, so yeah, we let ourselves go.

Want to read the rest? Grab issue 33!

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