Review: Nine Inch Nails

In Birmingham

Thumping drums, bizarre but fascinating lights and an incredible performance, Nine Inch Nails pleasantly blew my socks off.

Starting with, ‘Me, I’m Not’, Trent took to the stage and began the show, captivating everyone in the room. Accompanied by the multi-talented members of the band it was easy to see that these guys meant business. Blasting through tracks such as, ‘Copy of A’, ‘Piggy’ and ‘Sanctified’ these well-rehearsed gods of electro-metal really got the room jumping.

Stunning abstract visuals and lighting added an extra dimension to this performance and once the introduction to the famous song, ‘Closer’ began, I was enthralled and by this point thoroughly enjoying it. The crowd sang a long with the vigour and excitement of loyal fans and this was reciprocated by the band delivering such a flawless show.

Nine Inch Nails are easily more about the fans experience than having a party and this relationship definitely paid off. Finishing off with tracks such as, ‘The Great Destroyer’, ‘The Hand That Feeds’ and ‘Hurt’ I can safely say that I can once again call myself a dedicated follower.

Words: Laura Meades

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