Review: Katy Perry

in Birmingham!

katy perryOpening with ‘Roar’ Katy Perry started the show with a bang. Lights, incredible costume changes and an inventive stage design left the audience captivated throughout. Her high octane performances of ‘Part of Me’, ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Dark Horse’ coupled with eccentric visuals were just some of the key elements that made this show at the LG Arena, Birmingham simply fantastic.

Katy’s Prismatic set was broken down into a series of sections; Egyptian, Cat-oure, Acoustic, Throwback and Superneon. Each, brilliantly defined with multiple stage changes and an awe-inspiring mix of hair-do’s. Highlights included a wonderful pink cat suit in which she performed a slowed down version of ‘Hot N Cold’ and danced on top of a giant ball of wool to the beautifully calm acoustic section where her voice really shone.

Before singing ‘By The Grace of God’, Katy remarked, ‘You know I do this ridiculousness for you right?’ whilst wearing a multi-coloured pastel wig and sipping a pint of Banks’ Mild, truly embracing the Birmingham culture. She then set about knocking out hit after hit as fans screamed along and really set the room alight. Finishing with ‘Firework’ Katy showed everyone exactly who she is; a glamorous, pop-sensation with a big personality and a voice to match. Meow!

Words: Laura Meades

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