Review: Bassbuds Headphones

bassbudsI’m not going to lie, I’m very picky when it comes to headphones these days. I grew up grabbing some priced at £1.99 every time they broke – and that was a lot! Fast forward a few years and I started investing my money in decent headphones and noticed a huge difference. Seeing as I’m a music lover and listen to it nearly every day, it’s pretty
much become a very important thing that I own… and who can stand public transport without their trusty iPod or playlist on their smartphone? As someone who practically adores their Beats, I was very interested to find out what the UK-based Bassbuds had to offer.

The design is what I noticed first. They come in a sturdy gift box which shows how much effort they have put into the luxury headphone brand. The colour range you can choose from is impressive, and these were orange and blue, and stand out a mile away – just how I like it! Not only are the colours easy on the eye, each headphone has embedded Swarovski elements making these stylish, and the ultimate accessory to your outfit on the go.

To say they cost a lot less than anything else on the market (we’re talking £39.95 rrp), the sound is beautiful. The bass doesn’t over power, but it’s most definitely there. The overall sound is clear and crisp, and the bud feels comfortable in my ear. With a variety of bud sizes to choose from and different types (memory foam and silicone), it was easy to put some new ones on to fit my small ears!

The wire is anti-tangle which is always useful when you’ve had them stuffed in your bag and you don’t want the person across from you on the Tube watching you spend 5 minutes trying to sort them out. Also, if you have them attached to your smartphone, you can seamlessly switch between incoming calls and songs. It has a built-in mic to make answering those phone calls so much easier!

Over all, the headphones are much more than what I expected for the price. Quality, design and sound has all played a part in this review, and I have genuinely been impressed.

Quick round-up

You’re going to like these if: You want bass, great sound, design and noise cancelling
Top features: Colour, Swarovski elements, overall sound and smartphone compatible
Already loved by: Rita Ora, Dizzee Rascal, Tyson Beckford, Olly Murs and The Wanted
Grab them from: Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and online

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