Review: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu In London

Kyary Pampyu Pamyu at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London

Kyary Pampyu Pamyu at Shepherd's Bush VanityHype
きゃりぱみゅぱみゅor Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as the name suggests is both Japanese and eccentric. She has been dubbed in circles as the Japanese Lady Gaga because of her ‘unique’ style. However, I believe this comparison to be a disservice to the Japanese pop star who is taking Japan by storm – she is unique to herself and to Japan, with a style akin to the teenagers who dominate Tokyo’s Harajuku area.

On a beautiful day in London you would be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped into Harajuku and not into Shepherd’s Bush. All in attendance were wearing a magnitude of bright colours and interesting outfits, pink onesies, bright green wigs, Pikachu hats, the brighter and more unique the better! As buses drove past every passenger would stare in bewilderment at the scene that was unfolding outside of the Empire.

Inside it was obvious as to everyone’s choice of attire, Kyary’s style was evident throughout the crowd, the toy box style stage, the music, the crazy and energetic dancers and of course Kyary herself. The show was split into four sections with Kyary having a costume change after each interval which provided us with Kyary’s version of poker and dancing teddy bears.

The show itself was everything that could be expected from a Kyary show, it was unique and cute; she treated the crowd to fan favourites such as ‘Ninja re bang bang’, ‘Candy Candy’, ‘Pon Pon Pon’ and ‘Invader Invader’, as well as new songs ‘Mottai Night Land’, Family Party’ and ‘Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring’.

Kyary’s lack of English meant that when she spoke it was mostly in Japanese which did not deter but added to the occasion, and any English that she produced only aided her cute image. Kyary’s style was the defining factor, everything was built around her and the show was a unique spectacle to one of Japan’s biggest rising stars. The show in London demonstrated that her uniqueness is not only effective in the ‘weird’ and ‘wacky’ world of Japan but that Kyary’s style has a place around the rest of the world.

Words copyright Booie 2014

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