Review: McBusted

The arena was buzzing in anticipation for the first act. Of course the majority of those at the show were female (of all ages!), but it was nice to see a lot of men too, and quite a few who obviously liked guitar fueled music. It kind of just goes to show that McFly and Busted used to be considered not alternative and an embarrassment, but now anyone will admit to liking them!

Openers Young Brando are 5 guys from the south of England. Their tracks pumped up the crowd somewhat, but I didn’t feel like they were as energetic as they could have been. Lots of talent and a great vocalist, but their music just didn’t stand out for me. I felt it was all a bit… samey.

EofE stormed on stage with no warning which made the crowd scream. They went straight into a Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’/Michael Jackson ‘Billy Jean’ mash-up which strangely worked. A short set like the band before, but I felt like this one was more up-beat. Vocalist Tom can really go high….

The lights went down and a video came on featuring three guys (who make up 3 Dudes, the last support act to go on stage), with Blink 182’s ‘Dumpweed’ over the top. Unfortunately, I felt like these three American brothers, who looked about 14, were just trying to be the next Blink 182. The crowd seemed to get hyped up by these, but I just wanted them to hurry up and finish. However, for such young guys their stage presence and talent was pretty awesome.

The wait was over and the screen came on to show a Back to the Future inspired video involving Busted and McFly. With a big explosion of fire, Busted arrived in a car which lowered onto the stage whilst McFly jumped up. It was quite hilarious how much that explosion made you jump!

McBusted played songs from both bands, incorporating them into a full show. It was nostalgic for a lot of fans as they played plenty of early

McBusted VanityHype Instagram

McBusted VanityHype Instagram

tracks which included ‘You Said No’, ‘Sleeping With The Light On’, ‘All About You’, ‘Obviously’ and ‘What I Go To School For’ – complete with a backdrop of naughty doodles!

After a crazy and very entertaining video, at the other end of the arena a huge UFO floated down with the guys on top performing – complete with flashing instruments! It was fun to watch Dougie and Harry argue over the drumsticks, and the general banter from all of the guys seemed extremely natural. To think I used to assume Busted and McFly were rivals, they got on so well during the whole show.

Danny, Matt and Tom danced and sung to Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’, which soon went into a whole mash-up which sounded great. They also showed a video which was a sort of re-make of the famous wedding speech at Tom’s wedding which was followed by ‘Crashed The Wedding’ complete with Matt in a wedding dress.

The night ended with ‘Year 3000’, inflatable tits (erm….) and confetti. Is this show worth seeing? Hell yes!

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