Alex Turner: ‘Be YOU & F***k What Others Think!

Alex Turner for VanityHype magazine issue 3225-year-old Alex Turner is someone we genuinely admire. Having first featured him on the cover of issue 26, we grew an understanding of his passion to help those who are struggling with self-belief and bullying. Having been bullied himself growing up, we can see why! Now based in Los Angeles with a massive following (over 267,000 followers on Facebook and over 30,000 on Twitter), he’s on a mission to help those in need…

Why did you decide to get into the fitness industry? I’m from a small country town in Oregon and grew up with a family of 5 brothers and sisters – me being the oldest. I was bullied horribly as a child and young adult, and have used much of that as fuel. I got into fitness due to being bullied and I was set on growing enough muscle to stand up for myself and to stop the tormenting. I just never had any idea that it would have led to such a big career or a platform to be a listening ear for others being put down or bullied.

What inspired you to be the person you currently are, today?
I derive a lot of my inspiration today from my fans and followers. I had a lot of negative people in my ear growing up that constantly tried to break me vs build me up. I’ve built what I am today out of my own handywork and meeting the right people along the way.

At the end of the day, there is no bigger mistake that anyone can make than not working at your goals

Everybody has aspirations and goals they want to achieve. What do you think is stopping them from achieving them, and what can they do to overcome it? I think what stops a lot of people from even getting started on chasing their goals is again, the negativity from those around us which can shadow our lives. We don’t even realise it a lot of the time, but it can be a mix of embarrassment, pride, fear of not achieving what we set out to accomplish or more. At the end of the day, there is no bigger mistake that anyone can make than not working at your goals.

Social media is having a huge influence on us. How is this effecting us as people?
Social media is what I deal with 24/7. I see so much out there of what we ‘should’ be doing or how we ‘could’ be dressing, or acting etc… that at the end of the day, just like the crazy fans of a fan club, you’ve got to be able to step away from the phone or computer and realise what is real and what isn’t. I feel like social media puts certain people on platforms that shouldn’t be, and allows them to create ‘images’ or ‘ideas’ of what perfection is, or what we are lacking. Ultimately, we are all perfect and no social media or celebrity influence should ever make you feel insignificant or less than the amazing person you are! Be you, and fuck what others think.

Want to read the rest? Grab issue 32!

Words copyright VanityHype 2014 // Image by Keith Preston Crews of CREWSiVIEW Photography

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