Please write *SPOILER ALERT on your Tweets!

You know how it is. You can’t watch a TV show and it happens to be the one that everyone is excited about, and it’s a couple of seasons in – so you decide to record it, or watch it on a demand TV channel service online. You happen to scroll down your newsfeed on Twitter (Facebook, Instagram, whatever) whilst said TV show is on, and BAM, people are discussing what is happening minute by minute…..

This happened last night during Game of Thrones. The first tweet I saw and somebody had written in 140 characters the shocking surprise the first episode of season 4 held. I couldn’t believe it! Even when the programme had ended, the tweets went on.

Also, whilst I’m on this subject, here is another thing that gets quite annoying. Just because you have watched a whole season or two of an amazing TV show (the popular ones. The ones people do get round to watching, but sometimes when they buy a box set), it doesn’t mean you can just start posting things about it all the time! I was catching up on The Walking Dead, and I was on season 2 when somebody posted out a ‘Rick Vs [I’m not going to say it… I won’t spoil it!]’ meme on Instagram. I’m like, ‘Uh, what? Noooooooooooooo!’ So I ended up expecting it. (No, I haven’t read the comic books, and yes, I am thinking of doing that…)

I might as well not watch Breaking Bad either.

I know it can be a little hard not to speak about what’s happened or how amazing the episode was, but it really isn’t fair to describe all the twists and turns. It ruins it for those who still need to catch up, and actually, there really isn’t any need to tweet about it anyway. If you do, please write SPOILER or at least avoid writing about what’s happened altogether.

Not everybody has the time or is free to watch the show when it is first aired on TV, so please consider them before you decide to tell us all about the important and juicy bits of the episode via a tweet or status update.

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