Inside Issue 31: Katy B

katy bHaving brought out a new album and appeared as Ricky’s mentor on The Voice (amongst other things), we thought it was time to have a natter with one of our favourite girl’s in pop!

How are you? You’ve been really busy lately! Yeah, I guess so! It’s really weird when someone asks you, ‘What have you been up to?’, and you’re like, ‘Erm, let me check my diary and then I’ll remember!’. Yeah, this weekend I’ve just had the doctors, birthday parties, cocktails and lots of food! Just chilling.

So, recently you’ve been on The Voice. How was it working with Ricky and the other contestants? I loved it! It’s really weird, because when I met Ricky it was like we had been mates for ages. We just got on really well straight away and so hopefully I’ll see him again. He’s like my long lost brother or something! He was just so good as well. His critiquing is deep and yeah, I just have lots of respect for him and lots of respect for everyone that was on the show. Y’know there’s some amazing voices on there, like when they’re singing to you – especially when you’re watching the telly and you kinda have it on and you might make a cup of tea, y’know Saturday night talking to all of your friends or whatever – but when someone is actually singing to you in a room with just a piano you can actually appreciate how amazing they are. So yeah, it was really cool!

Want to read the rest? Grab issue 31!

Words copyright VanityHype 2014

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