Review: Tinie Tempah ‘Demonstration Tour’

tinie tempah live 2014 demonstration tour vanityhypeYou’d be mistaken to think you were about to watch a guitar roaring rock show if it hadn’t have been for the fans wearing Tinie Tempah t-shirts. Electric guitar riffs bounced around Nottingham’s Capital FM arena – which wasn’t sold out by the way – before Tinie appeared on stage brightly lit up behind a white curtain, dressed head to toe in dazzling silver.

Backed by a live band (which did include a full bearded metal guitarist) he went straight into ‘Lover Not A Fighter’ as the curtain was dropped and screams from the crowd were heard. It was followed by ‘Frisky’, ‘‘Til I’m Done’, ‘Wonderman’ and the fans favourite, ‘Earthquake’.

As promised, he performed tracks from both his first and second albums. He was surprised at the fact so many people knew the words already to new songs such as ‘Don’t Sell Out’, ‘Shape’ and ‘It’s Okay’. Personally, I find his second album a bit hit and miss, and hearing them live didn’t make them any better. After such an amazing debut album, it can be difficult to compete with when releasing your second.

After the earlier guitar playing, the show had turned into a thumping nightclub with hits such as ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’, ‘Drinking From The Bottle’ and ‘Tsunami’ blaring out of the speakers before he ran off for his encore.

The night ended on a high (well, after the attempt at a mosh pit during the song ‘Mosh Pit’), when his first hit single ‘Pass Out’ filled the arena. Great night, great live show, and certainly worth grabbing a ticket for.

Words: AJ

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