VanityHype Pin-Up Spotlight: Joey Hornyak

VanityHype Pin-Up Spotlight Joey Hornyak

“Growing up I was always involved in sports and very athletic. I was frequently viewed as the small, shy boy who was lacking confidence. This haunted me through my high school years and it was also a very tough task to carry alongside my ice hockey career growing up, considering there was a handful of guys I was up against who were bigger, stronger and had the overall size advantage. Knowing these were all aspects I wasn’t able to change or take control of, I simply kept my head high, looked myself in the mirror and told myself to use the attributes that I have and use them to the best of my abilities. I used my small figure to my advantage, speed and hard work.

“One month before my 16th birthday I decided I needed to take myself to another level in order to continue playing ice hockey at a high level. I joined the gym and was assigned a workout program that I followed on a daily basis. I knew this was something that would be the difference maker. As the days, weeks and months passed, I saw
immense change not only physically, but mentally as well. I went from being a 99 pound, 5’1”, 16-year-old boy to an astonishing staggering 135 pounds, 5’6”, 17-year-old, one year later. I was able to make the team on the highest level of ice hockey for my age group.

“Moving away from home, signing contracts and always working out to my fullest potential, I knew that there was one aspect that stood out if you want to achieve anything within any endeavour that life has to offer – it’s called hard work. I fell in love with working out, eating healthy and living a positive lifestyle. I was born on July 22nd, 1994. I am currently 19-years-old, 5’9” and was able to reach 170 pounds this past month. I currently reside in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where I am pursuing my fitness, modelling and entrepreneur career.”

Read the rest in issue 30
All words copyright VanityHype 2014

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