Cover Guy – Dan Harding

vanityhype 29 cover guy dan harding photography by life in living color

Dan Harding, 24, Northampton
Photography by Stephen Smith – Life In Living Color

“My first bit of ink were Chinese symbols on my left arm that I got done when I turned 18. They are meant to mean family, love and peace, but you never know with Chinese symbols, ha ha!
“I have a great tattooist, Natalie from Alternative Art, Northampton – she did my chest mostly on an artwork basis, and I was very happy with it. We are looking to start on my other arm maybe later this year.
“If I could re-do some of them I would have possibly thought a little bit more.
“My favourite quote is, ‘when you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” – Eric Thomas. I feel this quote isn’t just aimed at the fitness industry but for anybody who wants to achieve anything in life. I just recently finished Eric Thomas’ autobiography, it was a very inspirational read!
“This year I’m hoping to be able to break into the fitness industry. I’m entering a few physique competitions. My goal is to make it to the British final’s this year, also to complete my personal training course so I can start helping others to achieve their goals too.”

Read more in VanityHype issue 29

Words copyright VanityHype 2014

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