Inside 29: Neon Jungle

neon jungle for vanityhypeYour new single ‘Braveheart’ was released last month. Where did the idea for the track stem from? We were in the studio recording different songs. We didn’t write ‘Braveheart’, but we were flicking through the producer’s play list to see what he had – like what he had written – and we were like, ‘No stop! What was that? Play that again’. We were leaving to go to LA the next day, so it was literally the last day we had with him. It must have been about one in the morning at this point, and we were like ‘We need to record this now!’ So we re-recorded it early in the morning. While we were doing it we were vibing off it and we had our own words and stuff, so it was just like a vibey night, ha ha!

Can we expect an album any time soon? Yeah definitely! I don’t know what’s happening! We’ve got the second single and we might maybe have a third single, and then the album. Or we might just come out with the album. The album is basically done, there are still another few tracks to be fitted in there, but it’s basically done. So, an album is definitely coming!

We literally sprang from one side of the dressing room to the other and were like, ‘Hi Jessie J!’

So you performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the end of last year, how was that experience for you? Oh, it was amazing! Honestly, I still can’t believe we did it. We got phoned up the night before: ‘Girls, you’re performing at Victoria’s Secret, pack your bags!’ So that was like, ‘What?!’ – ha ha! We got on a plane, got there and then it didn’t click until I actually heard the first American accent, and then I was like ‘Holy crap, we’re in America!’ It was just crazy having beautiful, beautiful girls walking past you, and the wings and the underwear, it was just amazing to do that! Such a crazy, crazy experience, ‘cus we were the first UK act to ever perform at Victoria’s Secret, which is mad! I couldn’t believe it. Not many people actually knew us at that time so it was crazy!

You also did a few dates on Jessie J’s tour last year, what was it like being on the road with her? It was amazing, she is lovely! She introduced herself and what not the first time we saw her, and we literally sprang from one side of the dressing room to the other and were like, ‘Hi Jessie J!’ It was awesome, she was really, really beautiful. I do not know how she pulls off that short hair, but she really, really does. Well, she actually has a new hairstyle now, but when we met her she did look gorgeous! And to be performing on the same stage as Jessie J – it was crazy and the fans were so, so supportive of us, and really liked us.

Words copyright VanityHype magazine 2014
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