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Banners, glowing lights, teen girls (and the odd lad) filled the venue in anticipation for the night ahead. I didn’t know what to expect from Union J seeing as I’d seen them before at Fusion festival and hadn’t enjoyed their set, to be totally honest.

Elyar Fox

Elyar Fox

Two young male dancers boomed onto the stage accompanied by a thumping electronic dance track, followed by new pop sensation Elyar Fox and an older looking gentleman to play guitar throughout. He covered One Direction’s ‘Story of My Life’, and finished with his debut single ‘Do It All Over Again’ which is due out in January. You could tell by the reaction from the crowd that he already has a huge following (if his Twitter account with over 100,000 fans doesn’t already prove that….). His music isn’t anything special, but it’s upbeat and a whole lotta fun, so he gets points for that!

Ollie Marland, wearing black shorts and long black socks, came onto the stage and immediately began looking for his mic stand, which got the crowd laughing as he had to fill time talking about Christmas, until he got given one. He went straight into ‘Shake Your Body’, along with dancing too – very Michael Jackson! To say fans weren’t as ecstatic when he first came on, they certainly warmed up to him, and new fans were made. He has an incredible voice, which helped liven up his set even more, especially when he covered Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.

Ollie Marland

Ollie Marland

The music that stood out for me, was definitely from the guys in Room 94. Firstly, they played their own instruments, and secondly, they treated the audience to rock infused electro pop with friendly banter, and reacted well with the crowd. Fans were treated to tracks such as ‘Morning After’ and ‘Kiss Like You Mean It’.

The latest X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, arrived with her husband and children and sat in front of me. It was surreal seeing the long queues in between each act as they waited to get a picture with her. Oh, and the fact everyone was shouting her name and doing the ‘X’ pose at her.

5Angels are a group consisting of five girls aged between 13 and 16. It felt like I was watching a young The Saturdays performing at a school talent show. The music was generic pop, and unfortunately, I wouldn’t have been gutted if I’d missed their set. Talented voices nonetheless, but just not my cup of tea, and most of the crowd didn’t seem to react well with them either.

A banging thump of a beat filled the venue as Union J were welcomed onto the stage along with a backing band, and by this point, I think I became deaf with all the squeals… They went straight into ‘Where Are You Now’ dressed head to toe in monochrome, and performed other favourites such as ‘Beethoven’ and ‘Head in the Clouds’, which featured tv screens in front of their faces. Each member did their own solo after the huge screen showed footage of them younger. Some of the songs covered were Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and One Republic’s ‘Counting Stars’.

X Factor was mentioned a few times throughout, along with how grateful they are to the fans. With the current success they are creating for themselves, it’s easy to forget that they were even on the show. They may not have won a year ago, but they are certainly doing well for themselves. They sang ‘Skyscraper’ which would have been their song if they had won, and it is now Sam Bailey’s debut single, a cover originally by Demi Lovato.

Union J

Union J

It was nice to see the lads still down to earth, thanking the fans for different reasons. Jaymi spoke about his sexuality, and how happy he was with the fans reaction. It’s refreshing to see someone in a boy band speak so openly about it, whilst all the teenage fans completely accept it as if to say, ‘So what? You are who you are’.

Tracks such as ‘Save The Last Dance’, ‘Beautiful Life’ and ‘Last Goodbye’ were all sung to perfection and enjoyed by all, so much so that fans weren’t ready to leave and wanted more.

Union J might come across as your typical boy band, but I personally feel that they are different to a lot already out there. Don’t expect the same old cheesy music, these are something else.

Words and terrible Union J live picture: AJ

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