Union J Are Getting Ready For Christmas…

Union J

Union J

With over 1 million Twitter followers, a book, dolls, and a whole load of other collectable items, they’ve become the next ‘it’ group in the boy band scene after appearing on the talent show X Factor. Their debut self-titled album won us over. We caught up with the lads in Birmingham…

You’ve had a few book signings now so how’s it going? We also heard that you got mobbed by fans in Leicester!
JJ: Leicester was amazing!
George: Leicester was a really good book signing! Everything’s going really good, yeah, the signings are amazing. It’s nice to see everyone obviously. We don’t get to go to Birmingham that much, so it’s nice to come up here and see all of the fans and yeah, it’s really good fun!

Are you overwhelmed by the response from fans?
Josh: Unbelievable! The response from the fans is just untrue. I’d never had imagined a year ago, that we’d be doing signings for things like books and albums, and that we would get to go to places all over the country to see lots of different support – it’s just unreal! We’re just so grateful to everyone who has turned up and supported us!
JJ: It’s nice to see the reception to all of the stuff we put out like the book and the album, and actually seeing the return from the fans and that they are appreciating it and enjoying it.

That brings me on to another question; are you thinking about giving the book to family and friends as a sneaky Christmas present?
JJ: I’ve already started, ha ha!
Jamie: Have you?
Josh: The thing is, Christmas presents are so hard to find now. It’s so hard to find good Christmas presents, so it’s quite a good excuse!
George: We’ve all got little sisters so…
Josh: We get the book for free because it’s our book, so it’s a cheap Christmas for us!
Jamie: I think my family has already bought all the stuff though so I don’t know. I’m going to have to get them something else.

Are there cardboard cut-outs and things like that knocking about your houses?
Josh & Jamie: Yeah!
JJ: It kind of deters burglars as well! Just leave it in the window.
Jamie: Put it by your front door! So you don’t need Halloween decorations then?
Josh: No. Well JJ doesn’t! (All laugh)

You could have cardboard cut-outs instead of Christmas trees this year!
George: Yeah!
JJ: But I do like a Christmas tree! I suppose I could just put fairy lights around my one.
George: We were talking about it today, I was thinking about putting mine up early as we’re not gonna be around that much during December, so I might put mine up really….

Want to read the rest? Grab issue 28 here!

All writing copyright VanityHype 2013/14

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