Review: 30 Seconds To Mars & You Me At Six

30 seonds to marsYou Me At Six reminded me why I used to love going to independent music venues to watch rock shows whilst growing up. The energy from vocalist Joshua was captured throughout the arena as he bounced around putting all his passion into each song, as did the rest of the guys. The squeals were deafening as he shouted ‘The UK is our fuckin’ favourite place [to perform]’ when talking about the fact they had recently played overseas. There were plenty of fans there to see them, and many more made.
It’s easy to see that YM@S are genuinely happy and proud of where they are today in the music industry, and just being on the 30 Seconds To Mars tour as support shows how successful they are becoming. you me at six
Wow, just wow. 30 Seconds To Mars are the ultimate stage performers. There weren’t any gimmicks, half-naked dancing ladies or cheesy outfits – 30STM stole the show all by themselves without the need of help.
Jared Leto is one funny guy, and the way he spoke to individual audience members made the whole crowd chuckle. He’d pick out people who weren’t standing up and you could see their mates patting the person on his/her back because they were being spoken to by Jared – the man himself! And because he’s known for bringing fans up onto the stage, he’d ask random people to get up on stage, one being a little girl he could see on her mother’s shoulders. Cameras/phones were out snapping photos… Just search #jaredleto on Instagram and you’ll find the Picture!
They performed fan favourites such as ‘City of Angels’, ‘Up in the Air’ and ‘Do or Die’, as well as an amazing cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’, which was beautifully sang.
After explosions of confetti, fantastic hoop tricks, somersaults and one hell of a performance, the fans definitely went home happy. Let’s hope they come back around again.

1 Comment on Review: 30 Seconds To Mars & You Me At Six

  1. Really?? …He was seriously cr*p and I left part way though due to sheer boredom.
    The wind down and wind up between each song, the “all ages crowd” when he’s swearing and making sexual references, the wait in getting the stage set up, the fact we came to see the BAND and not guys on a see-saw or in a hoop….
    …YM@S saved the gig really…

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