Review: Lady Gaga – ARTPOP

Lady Gaga is back with her third studio album titled ‘ARTPOP’, but to be fair, you probably already knew that lady gaga artpopsince there has been so much hype surrounding the release this month. I mean, c’mon, she’s like the new Queen of Pop (sorry Madonna!)

It’s a 15 track filthy pop, disco-sex fuelled record with an 80’s edge brought into the current year. Getting straight to the point, every track is pretty much club worthy – well, apart from the piano tear-jerker ‘Dope’.
It begins with ‘Aura’, an electro-pop hit featuring an infectious chorus, with the line “I’m not a wandering slave, I’m a woman of choice” in the first verse backed by a riff any bass lover would be proud of.
It follows on with more up-beat and addictive tracks such as ‘Venus’, ‘G.U.Y’, ‘Sexxx Dreams’, and ‘Jewels N’ Drugs’, which features T.I, Too $hort and Twista.
Personally, I’ve always been quite picky on which Lady Gaga tracks I actually like (and sadly, they have always been the songs released as singles only), but I was pleasantly surprised. By the end of the album I realised I was tapping my fingers without even realising! ‘ARTPOP’ is certainly some of her best work yet, and just proves this leading lady isn’t finished yet.
Favourite tracks? It’s got to be ‘Aura’, ‘Venus’, ‘G.U.Y’, ‘Sexxx Dreams’, ‘Mary Jane Holland’ and ‘Applause’.

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