Inside Issue 25 – District3

Hanging With: District3 – The fans love ’em, we love ’em, but just how far will they go for global domination?

district 3

So how’s the tour going?
Mickey: Amazing.
Greg: Yeah really good. Really fun. What is this? The fourth, fifth gig now? Yeah it’s good ‘cus it’s the first time we’ve ever put our original music out to the public. It seems to be going down well… yeah really nice.
Dan: The fans are the best, they’ve always been energetic and stuff.
Greg: The interaction is great.
Dan: Sometimes when you go out and it’s a bit dead…
Greg: It just ruins the whole night.
Dan: It’s been amazing. The fans have been amazing.

It’s a bit like being at Wacky Warehouse out there!
M: Or Billy Bears.

What’s Bill Bears?
M: Billy Bears! It’s like a Wacky Warehouse… it’s like a pub where we were with ball pits and slides and stuff!
D: Ours had jungle gyms.
G: Go Bananas too!

You’ve had great feedback from fans so far. How does that buzz of the crowd make you feel when you perform each show?
G: Um, yeah really good! The nice thing as well, because they’re quite  intimate venues we’re really close to the fans. If they’re on a good vibe then we can bounce off that, it’s always nice ‘cus it’s such a high energy from them which only makes it nicer for us to do the set. You know what I mean?
M: Sometimes when we lose energy they’re the ones who bring the energy up.
G: Exactly.

Do you still get nervous?
D: Yeah! It got really bad in London ‘cus there were a lot of producers and writers there that co-wrote with us. Also a lot of reviewers that were coming down.
G: It was a really good show though.
D: Probably the best one.

Have you had a particular favourite night so far and why?
M: I think it would have to be London.
D: They’ve all been amazing though!
G: Yeah they’ve all been great. London was good, really fun show. As Micky was saying we had a lot of friends there. Got to have a few drinks after and chill and that. Which is nice.
D: Normally we just get on the bus and play Fifa.
G: Yeah a lot of Fifa on the bus! (laughs)

Have you ever received any crazy fan presents?
G: Personalised condoms… stones… Yeah we get stones from Sophie? Sophie Bird?
M: That’s the one!
G: She paints nice, positive words on the stones.
D: More condoms.
G: Mums… mums sometimes promise things…Yep, that’s true.
M: Adult gifts… for the crew members.
G: That’s a lie…

Do people really do that?
M: Yeah last night two mums offered to give the crew…
D: Blowjobs to bring their kids on stage!

No way!
M: Unfortunately the crew couldn’t take them so I took them instead! (laughs) Kidding! Kidding!
D: Micky takes the blowjobs!

Want to read the rest of this interview? Then read it here online, or for your iPad, digital or buy it in print. Issue 25 also features the likes of Mark Owen, Pierce The Veil, The 1975, hot guys, inked girls and more! (Words copyright VanityHype magazine 2013)

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