Inside Issue 25 – Pierce The Veil

Pierce the Veil – founded in 1998 by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes – has certainly seen its fair share of rock & roll glory. More than a decade later, they have explored new and different sounds, and are sharing that with fans all across the world. While in Bristol, I was fortunate enough to pick at Vic’s brain, and learn about their newest sounds, attitudes, and international tour.

pierce the veil

So let’s start with a fun one ‘cus you’ve been in super high demand on this tour. Almost every show has been sold out, so how does that sort of thing make you feel? It’s pretty cool because this is our second headliner hereand you know, our first one that we did a while back was kind of like a big milestone for our band. The stuff I saw, such as kids lined up at the front of the venue for the first show, you know, it was like one of the best moments I think our band’s ever had. Even though it’s small clubs, it’s just great to know that we actually have fans over here and it’s pretty amazing, and it kind of seems like it’s been growing. So yeah, it’s a very exciting time over here.

How does it feel to be in another country? You’re so far from home… It’s alright. It’s kinda cool because the more you travel the more these places feel a little less foreign to you. When we came here the first time I remember feeling like we were on another planet.

You played at London’s KOKO last night which was a venue upgrade, so how did that show go? Yeah, it was like the craziest show we’ve ever had in the UK.

Oh yeah? Do you have any crazy funny stories from it? It was, I don’t know, it was just kinda cool because everyone loves that venue around there, so we got to play a venue that people really love. You know, all our friends from the UK were there, all the big press outlets were there, and everyone was very supportive of us. After the show, since it sold out, a writer brought us all a bottle of champagne and it was kinda like a big celebration of  just the band’s uprising. It was pretty cool.

Want to read the rest of this interview? Then read it here online, or for your iPad, digital or buy it in print. Issue 25 also features the likes of Mark Owen, District3, The 1975, hot guys, inked girls and more! (Words copyright VanityHype magazine 2013)

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