Review: The Big Reunion Tour

the big reunion tourWell the ITV2 show The Big Reunion has certainly proved to be a massive hit. The programme, which reunited several 90’s and 00’s pop bands, began by filming the groups getting back together to perform a one-off show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. What they didn’t realise was that the tickets would sell-out in a matter of minutes after going on sale, and that a huge tour would have to be scheduled.

There was a feeling of nostalgia in the arena as 5ive hit the stage with their cover of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. I was only 9 when they first appeared on the pop scene, but it still only feels like yesterday when I was picking up Smash Hits magazine and ripping out the lyric cards from inside to sing along to my favourite tracks. The amount of girly squeals that surrounded me at the sight of 5ive almost deafened me as they swaggered and danced across the stage, obviously minus J.

They were followed by the up-beat Irish group B*Witched, who I had been a fan of when I was little (not sure about the double denim though!) They bounced straight into ‘C’est La Vie’ creating a wave of – yup, that feeling again – nostalgia! After their second track ‘Rollercoaster’, they ran off stage.

At first I did think that they were all going to perform two tracks and then ‘cheerio, good-bye!’ I was utterly surprised after the rest came on stage to do their two songs: 911, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and Blue, that there was an announcement over the speaker for a 30 minute interval. So, that seemed pretty exciting.

vanityhype at the big reuinion tour

And it was. They all came back on again, one by one, to serenade us with more old-skool hits we thought we had forgotten, and might never have dreamed of seeing performed live. Blue sang ‘All Rise’ which got the audience pumped up, Atomic Kitten pleased hardcore fans with ‘Whole Again’, as Kerry Katona joked that the track went to number 1 when she wasn’t in the band. 911 seemed as energetic as ever (‘bodyshakin’’ anyone?!) The ‘second half’ seemed more like the show, whilst the ‘first half’ felt more like an introduction to each band to get you energized for the evening.

Overall, it was a whole lotta fun. The crowd was mainly those who had grown up with the music, and could relate to having listened to the songs first time round, rather than just being there because they had seen the show. Truth be told, I never watched the show, and was purely there because I was too young to see these pop groups back in the day.

We’ve heard a new series has been secured for 2014, but just who will be reuniting? Tweet us @vanityuk!

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