Inside Issue 23: Amelia Lily

From the X Factor to up-coming princess of pop – Amelia Lily has had a whirlwind of a ride since auditioning for the popular TV show at just 16 years old, finishing in third place. One year on she released her first single ‘You Bring Me Joy’ which hit the Official Charts at number 2. Now with a second single released and an album (and another single) on its way, we caught up with Amelia during her busy schedule supporting Girls Aloud on tour.

amelia lily lo res

It must be pretty exciting being on the road with Girls Aloud.  How’s it going? It’s going amazing, thank you! I can’t believe it’s come to the end of it so quick and I’ve really learnt a lot – you know from being on the tour. It’s been a great experience for me as well.

How do you prepare yourself before going on stage every night? I don’t really. It’s always just a mad rush for me. I’m just kind of finishing off getting ready and then it’s like stage time, so I’m like running to the stage and then I just grab my mic and kind of just go on!

All the girls are lovely but I just think that Nadine’s so lovely

Since being on the X Factor, did you ever dream that you’d be on a tour like this? Not in a million years. Do you know what’s so great about it? Is the fact that I actually went to see Girls Aloud four years ago at the arena tour and y’know, in that space of four years I’ve been on one of the biggest television competitions and got to the final and now due to release my own album, whilst supporting one of my favourite girl bands of all time! So it’s quite a lot for me to take in!

Is there a particular member in Girls Aloud who’s felt like a big sister to you? I’d probably say Nadine to be honest. I just think she’s absolutely amazing. I mean all the girls are lovely but I just think that she’s so lovely.

Want to read more? Check out the full interview in issue 23. Buy it in print, digital, or for your phone or iPad here!
Words: Laura Meades // Copyright VanityHype 2013

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