Inside Issue 20: MK1

mk1 lo resX Factor is long in the past now for Charlie and Sim, yet we learnt it was an experience they’ll never forget. During their popular UK tour, we caught up with the pair to discuss all things MK1…

You’re currently on your first tour since the X Factor. How is it going?
C: It’s been amazing, absolutely incredible. Yeah we’ve literally had a gig almost every single night since we came off. I think we had like, two nights and then our management team were like, ‘Oh by the way we’ve just booked you a three month tour’. We were like, ‘what?!’ and then now in the middle of all that we’ve now been booked a tour within a tour. It’s ‘MK1: Rewired’ which is an hour long instead of just a club gig with acoustic songs – it’s madness!

It’s a pretty long tour! How do you keep yourself entertained when not busy?
C: Beating up Sim (laughs).
S: Yeah (both laugh). We just literally stay in the zone and we just look at this as pure entertainment and fun so it’s like where we want to be and it’s easy for us to live it now and do it every night, not once a week or whatever. We’re just living it up to the fullest.
C: Yeah it’s not like saying to someone, how do you cope with sitting at a computer 9-5 everyday, it’s not like that… You can’t say if you’re on tour, ‘how do you cope with it?’ because we’re having a lot of fun. Do you know what I mean?
S: Completely.

So the entertainment itself is what keeps you busy?
C: It’s all a positive, it’s not a negative ‘how do you cope with it?’. It’s like, ‘how amazing is it?’
S: It’s like ‘how much more can we do?’ That’s the feeling.
C: Yeah.

…even though your gut feeling is that it really won’t, you don’t want to say that it won’t because who are you compared to this person that has done this, that and the other?

Do you regret appearing on the X Factor?
S: Definitely not. The X Factor is an amazing platform and we’re so happy we decided to go for it. Initially we weren’t even keen on going for it but we just changed our minds, I think a couple days before the audition, so we just went for it.
C: It’s been incredible exposure for us, ‘cus we had quite a big fan base before because we used to gig all the time and the management were like: ‘Look, you can do your own songs this year and that would be why you should go on it’. But unfortunately we didn’t get to do any of our own songs and stuff but if we did, that would have been even better.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
C: Yeah I wouldn’t have done that stupid choreography on week two! Brian Freidman, I love him but bloody hell…
S: Yeah he gave us some dodgy routine on that one.
C: It’s one of those situations where everyone you’re surrounded by have been in the industry or has been doing this, that or the other with like names to their faces, and when they’re saying to you ‘this will work’, even though your gut feeling is that it really won’t, you don’t want to say that it won’t because who are you compared to this person that has done this, that and the other? You feel like you can’t say anything back to them, then as soon as it happened, I looked at Sim and I was like ‘no, I knew we shouldn’t have done that!’

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