Inside Issue 19: Lawson

adam_pitts_lawsonAdam Pitts makes up 1/4 of British boy band Lawson. They are stunning lads who play their own instruments too – phwoaaar. With a debut album reaching #4 and two top 5 singles under their belt, Lawson are heading out on their biggest headline tour to date next year.

You’ve not long finished your Hometown tour. How did that go? It was amazing. London venues were completely sold out. We just announced dates for our next tour which is from February to March next year, and it’s our biggest tour to date – we really can’t wait for it!

What are you most looking forward to about the tour? We are doing Shepherds Bush Empire which is cool. We are playing a lot of venues where we played before. We will do few shows in Ireland too. It’s also very long – it’s almost 20 dates long, and it lasts for a month.

Is it interesting playing a show in the area you grew up, especially if you visited those venues yourself to watch bands play? Absolutely! We were playing in my little town in the place where I did my work experience. I’ve seen some of my favorite bands there. Playing there was my dream come true!

Did your family catch a show? Yeah, my family was there, I had them also come to my London show.

Lawson issue 13 (biggest highlight so far): "It has to be the London o2  Arena when we toured with The Wanted earlier  this year. It was something we've dreamed of  doing since we started the band, to be finally  going on stage there was amazing! We were  massively nervous before going on, but as soon  as we got up there and the lights went down the  nerves went and we just had an amazing time! It  was just a wall of flashing lights and banners!"

What are your top 3 items you have to take on the road with you? Number one is my laptop. When I am on tour I can catch up on TV! Number two is a large selection of clean t-shirts and socks, you never know when the next time will be when you can do your laundry. Number three is a pillow. Wherever you are, backstage or on the road, you can catch up with the sleep.

Want to read the rest of the interview? Grab issue 19 in print or digital HERE.

All words copyright VanityHype magazine 2012. Words Maja for VanityHype magazine.

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