Inside Issue 19: Blood On The Dance Floor

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Dahvie Vanity was only messing about when he created a band back in 2007. Little did he know that a few years later he would have teamed up with Jayy Von Monroe, had an album hit the 42 spot of Billboard’s top 200, as well as a couple of others making the top 20 Billboard Dance/ Electronic chart. With a sold out UK tour under their belt, we caught up with the lads to talk making music, British food and why they’re moving house this Christmas.

You’re currently on a short tour across the UK. How’s it going?
D: Absolutely brilliant. We’ve sold the entire UK out. We slayed the UK. We went in there and we did what we said we were gonna do, and now let’s fucking party.
J: Stuck our dick in it.

jayy von monroe copyright vanityhype magazine by laura meades

Jayy Von Monroe poses for our photographer

How does playing in the UK compare to the US?
D: Oh wow. I think that the fans are very different, it’s not the same, I can’t say that they are the same. They’re more respectful, I think.
J: They understand that you’re…How do you explain it? It’s almost like they have a different –
D: A different value.
J: Yeah, they have a different understanding.
D: They really fucking love music out here. Like music to them is salvation, it’s literally like magic and a remedy to any of their ailments or things that suppress them. I would have to say that. Music is a religion out here.

whatever. Bunch of freaks. It’s all good. They’re not gonna do anything.

dahvie vanity copyright vanityhype magazine by laura meades

It’s Dahvie Vanity looking cool with green hair!

What is your favourite thing about Britain?
D: The ladies. (Laughs)
J: Not the food. (Laughs)
D: Oh hold on, chicken is not bad here. Yeah chicken is really good.
J: Mine is the no mashed potato thing –
D: – and steak man. How do you guys fuck up steak? It’s like flavourless.
J: It’s so bad. (Pretends to retch)
D: Other than that though I love it out here. If it was more sunnier I would move here.
J: Yeah the people here are amazing though. Super sweet.
D: The lifestyle is more advanced out here than the US. In the US they would be like ‘Oh my God!’
J: Hide the kids.
D: Yeah, they hide their kids – they grab their kids! Out here they’re like, ‘whatever. Bunch of freaks. It’s all good. They’re not gonna do anything.’ That’s kinda what it is, we’re like the friendliest people out there but in the States there’s fear, there’s the push of religion on people but it’s just, it’s just crazy.
J: It’s just lack of knowledge.
D: Out here it’s just like be yourself, live your life. It’s not like they’re gonna sit there and judge you. So it’s a little bit more accepting out here which is lovely.

Blood On The Dancefloor has been around for a while now! How do you feel you have progressed as musicians?
D: Wow. We’ve evolved.
J: Yeah. Just like listening to the record we did last year and listening to the one we did this year it’s like –
D: We’ve been through a transfusion. It’s like our aura’s changed, our energies have changed and we’ve become stronger.
J: We just grew up. We just became more experienced, all the things we know and love have evolved too. It’s just like normal.
D: Yeah, we’re so comfortable with what we’re doing compared to when we first started and it’s just getting crazier and crazier but we love it that way. Chaos is our friend. (Both laugh)

Want to read the full interview? Get your hands on issue 19 in print or digital HERE.

All images and words copyright VanityHype magazine 2012. Words and images by Laura Meades.

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  1. amber monroe // May 7, 2013 at 03:24 // Reply

    you r soo hot dahvie !

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