Inside Issue 19 – A*M*E

AMEDisco pop, catchy tunes and a voice that will have you hooked – AME is ready to take the world by storm. Having just released her debut single ‘Play The Game Boy’, and freshly stepped off a short tour, we caught up with her to see how she’s getting on.

You have had a pretty busy summer sharing a stage with the likes of JLS, The Wanted and Jessie J – just to name a few! You’ve also had a number one in Korea! How does it feel to be out there getting your music heard?
Amazing! That’s the only word I can use to describe this entire year, from touring with JLS to getting a number 1, it’s all been amazing. Having my music heard by so many people in so many different places is a dream come true. All songs are written by me and they’re all very personal so it’s an incredible feeling to be able to have other people hear them.

from touring with JLS to getting a number 1, it’s all been amazing.

a m e_play hires

Your single ‘Play The Game Boy’ was released last month. Could you tell us about the record? It’s not about a game console ha ha! So many people think it is but the message I wanted to put across in the song is guys play games [at times] and so can ladies. I tried to keep it light hearted and fun although it’s about a pretty controversial subject. The beat has a retro 90’s vibe which I’m all about so I hope it got everyone shaking a leg.

Your fanzine is a mix of Super-Super and Just17. Why did you begin creating it? Well until I started doing my own fanzine I hadn’t heard or seen any. I grew up reading magazines like Top of the Pops and We Love Pop so I wanted to create something that reminded me of them but that wasn’t too similar. My fanzine is just a collection of mine and friends creative thoughts thrown into a neat scrap book. It’s got everything from an agony aunt page to fashion. It seems to have caught on as well, other artists like Little Mix are also doing fanzines now.

Want to read the rest of the interview? Grab issue 19 in print or digital HERE.

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