Inside Issue 18: Conor Maynard

With a number one album, two top five singles and an array of bursting talent – Conor Maynard is the name on the tip of everybodies tongue this month.
It’s not really a surprise either. He doesn’t have an ego and family is still an important aspect of his life, even though he has been busy becoming the next big thing as a male solo artist. The fact that he has shared the limelight with the likes of Ne-yo and Rita Ora, yet is still a down to earth lad, says it all.

Since we last interviewed you, you’ve come a long way. How have the past few months been for you? It’s been insane. For me, it has been one of the craziest years so far. Winning MTV’s Brand New For2012 at the start of the year – really from that moment it took me from being somebody recording my album in the studio to being thrust into the public eye. It was mad. There are just so many moments when you want to pinch yourself such as working with the likes of Ne-yo, Pharrell, Rita Ora and Frank Ocean, with all those moments lending themselves to the album going to number 1.

Your album ‘Contrast’ came out over the summer. Were you happy with the overall feedback? Definitely! The fans so far seem to be loving it. I’m actually really  surprised with how many songs they actually already know in terms of when I perform. Normally, you go to a concert and mainly people know the singles and they sing to them. But when it comes to the album tracks they’re like, ‘ooh, I don’t know this one’. I’ve been playing a lot of album tracks and they seem to know all the words! That’s really cool.

There are just so many moments when you want to pinch yourself such as working with the likes of Ne-yo, Pharrell, Rita Ora and Frank Ocean.

How has the tour been so far, bearing in mind there has only been two dates so far! It’s been amazing so far. I think touring is definitely one of my favourite things to do anyway.

Does it exhaust you after so long? A little bit! I’m trying to give my voice a rest today! You’ve got to sort of rest it in the day to use it later.

Do you have any remedies for your voice? I do! This thing here is a steamer, and it steams my throat with honey, lemon and things like that.

And sweets Conor! Haribo – perfect cure for the throat!

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All words copyright VanityHype magazine 2012. Words: AJ

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