Review: My First Time At London Comic Con

London Comic Con
Saturday // 27.10.12

I hadn’t been to this type of convention before and the ones I had seen were on TV, so my expectation of what one was like was pretty much based on trashy comedies featuring popular TV geeks. It was, however, very different!

As I made my way through London I became more aware of the people dressed up as characters off films and from computer games. The commuters of London Town were entertained on the DLR by a guy dressed up as a character from Zelda playing several instruments. When I arrived it was already full of people, even outside the building. I saw the Avengers troupe, Link a dozen times, Yoshi and plenty of Mario’s. Luckily for me, there were people not dressed up. Phew!

I’m not going to lie, it was packed. Also, there is a lot of people who buy tickets on the day which I do not recommend. If you want to queue up for more than hour, then buy it on the day. If you don’t, do it in advance!

Maybe I just didn’t attend on the right day, or go to the best convention they’d had?

The whole day at London Comic Con was good, but it wasn’t brilliant. It wasn’t anything special and there wasn’t anybody I particularly wanted to meet. The person who made the whole event attractive was Matt Smith (current Doctor Who) but he was there on the previous day, and apparently not for long. What was most interesting for me was everybody dressed up. It was fun to see how much effort people had put into what they were wearing, and to see how they pulled it off! There were some excellent outfits that must have taken ages to put together.

One of the downsides was having two glamour models doing a signing all day, and one of them had her boobs trying to escape her dress. Not to be a spoil sport here, but it is a family event. Or at least that is what I thought, seeing as I saw a lot of families, young kids, teenagers and even babies! This just isn’t needed, and creates the atmosphere that this sort of stuff is just for men, which it isn’t. Mind you, I did see a male photographer having a field day as he photographed them both trying to think up poses from what he’d seen in men’s magazines.

Maybe I just didn’t attend on the right day, or go to the best convention they’d had? Or maybe I’m just not into games and films as much as everybody else! Though, I have already decided that if I do go again I am dressing up!

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