Inside Issue 17: Aiden Grimshaw

Boxer shorts, Pizza Hut and being on tour – we caught up with Aiden Grimshaw two years post- X Factor. Surrounded by party balloons and a random old school TV, we spoke about all things Mr.Grimshaw! 

This is your second date on your first headline tour. How’d Bristol go last night? It was amazing and really good! It was quite scary I suppose because it was my first gig but then it was exciting. It was nice to be ready to perform and have people there who have come to see you for your music. And they were singing back to songs on the album which was good!

Did you take anything from last night that you’re going to put into the rest of the tour? I think so. For me it is all a work in progress – talking inbetween songs and describing what I was thinking whilst I was writing. I think everything that works well you take on and things that could have been better, you take on. I think it went really well for my first show.

We read on your blog that you had some boxers thrown at you. Is that the funniest thing that has been thrown at you? They were pretty funny, so much so that I had to pick them up halfway through and read them out loud. They read, ‘made to be laid’ and the person who threw them was about twelve! When you come off the X Factor you go to lots of clubs and stuff, and I remember being in Glasgow somewhere and someone throwing some very small knickers.

So how do they compare to the boxers? Well boxers I can wear and take them home. I didn’t pick the knickers up!

I came ninth on the X Factor so I didn’t expect much but I think the main thing is that I’ve written an album that feels honest.

Your album ‘Misty Eye’ was released this month. Have you been happy with the reaction from the fans so far? Yeah, it’s going well. You can never predict what’s going to happen or how it’s going to happen and how many you’re going to sell. I came ninth on the X Factor so I didn’t expect much but I think the main thing is that I’ve written an album that feels honest. It’s a part of my life that I’ve lived through, opposed to lots of dancey songs. And my Dad likes it, so that’s a bonus!

Does it annoy you having the X Factor label or do you owe your career to it? No it’s good, I love it because before I went on the show I worked in Pizza Hut. It’s hard coming off a show like that. It’s hard to get away from it. I was talking to my friend the other day who said, ‘if you hadn’t been on the X Factor, do you think anything would have been different?’ I mean, I don’t know, it’s a good question. What do you think?

I was waiting for your answer! I love the X Factor though! Like I said, I used to work in Pizza Hut. I used to go in with £6 and be like, ‘yeah, I’m a fucking bad man!’ VM

Want to read more? Check out issue 17 HERE for the rest of the interview!

Words by Billy. Copyright Vanity magazine 2012.

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