Being Individual – Does It Still Exist?

I remember back at school when I was a part of a minority of teens who studded their clothes, ripped them up, used safety pins and created their own style. You could say it was rebelling against the norm and not wanting to be like the other guys and girls in my year. Going beyond what was on the high street was seen as ‘different’ and not necessarily cool either – but it was me. To say I thought I was individual might come as a surprise, seeing as punks have been doing that sort of stuff for years. But in a way, I was mixing different style genres together to create something that I liked. I wasn’t a punk and I wasn’t a metal head either!
My dad owned Creepers, my mum dyed her hair different colours and for me only being around 10 years old, my classmates thought that was weird! But all that kind of stuff back then, is okay now. It isn’t seen as being individual, even though the people that do it think they are.

Going beyond what was on the high street was seen as ‘different’ and not necessarily cool either – but it was me.

Fashion is a funny thing really, but at the same time it’s great. You can express yourself, you can dress how you want and have fun with it. There’s such a large selection of what you can wear, mixing up styles and labels – creating you, basically. It can just be a shame when stylists pick it up and dress the latest hot celebrity in it meaning everyone follows like a heard of sheep! This has recently happened with the likes of the snap back, Creepers and studding everything. Sometimes it can be great because it means watered-down versions are created so you can buy things cheaper, but it makes the people who wore it before it became in fashion feel like they can’t wear it because every Tom, Dick and Harry has it on. And to be honest, sometimes you don’t want to carry on wearing something because celebrities are getting the credit for starting a trend that you had on 5 years ago!
It is hard for me to say whether looking individual exists anymore. It is cool to dress over the top and to be different, so what exactly is being individual? People don’t get harassed in the street about the things they are wearing like they used to, so does this mean people are more open-minded or is being different normal now? Should we look beyond the clothes to find individualism?
Growing up I always wanted to be just that little bit different, but now I feel like I fit in (well, almost!) My question is, what to you makes an individual these days?

Words: AJ
Image from Inspiring Interns

1 Comment on Being Individual – Does It Still Exist?

  1. erm well, wearing studs & spikes & listening to punk/metal/whatever is different from actually being a part of subculture (here’s where the real difference hits in) there’s a concept & some sort of idealism in every subculture, in which it’s true followers obey and then… they start creating music or art in support of this idea, rip their cloth off like punks or wear neon hula hoops in their hair like cyber goths 😛
    the true ones are actually activists of the movement, then there are fans who listen to that music and wear same sort of cloth but are not necessarily a part of the movement, and then there’s just fashion and all that bollocs;
    so to sum up, your individuality is all in your head and you can share it through art or music, start a riot, it’s all about the concept.
    and if you ask me these days there are sooooo much more “ordinary dressed”, non-tattooed people out there who are true punks, sXe, goths, following the damn idea just like mr Vicious did in his times, expressing it and rioting for it then there are alternative-looking people who have any clue how did it all even start and what sort of idea lyes behind the movement they shout in support of.
    I don’t mean to judge posers at all, but that’s how it all gets confusing and is basically the reason why these days celebrities are being like this too – uha.
    Ellis xo

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