Vanity Magazine Issue 17 Preview

It’s that time of the month where we post the delightful image of what is going to be in the next issue!
Issue 17 is pretty exciting with it being a collector’s edition and the fashion issue all at once. It’s a bigger copy with more pages, more poster boys, lots and lots of fashion and just all-round fabulousness!
We take a look at London Fashion Week and the London Tattoo Convention, two really great events here in the UK that are both inspiring and creative! We speak to X Factor’s Aiden Grimshaw, one of the loveliest lad’s we have ever met. Also, we feature talented underground clothing designers and lots more male fashion including BOY London, Iron Fist, Drop Dead Clothing, etc.
And let’s not forget our two cover stars – owner of Break The Labels Teodoro De Sio and blogger, TV host and author La Carmina! Two very exciting people with some very interesting things to say!
As always, we have poster boys (extra pages), articles, features and more. Grab your copy on October 5th!

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