Inside Issue 16: Amelia Lily

She came third in the X Factor last summer and she is back a year later with a debut single ready to rock the charts. As well as bringing us joy, we talk X Factor, ambitions and staying grounded.

You’ve recently returned from LA where you recorded the video for your debut single ‘You Bring Me Joy’. Could you tell us what to expect from the single? I think a lot of people were expecting a rock vibe from me after the X Factor, but the last thing I wanted to do was be a predictable artist. If people remember back to my first audition, I am quite a soulful singer and I sang ‘Piece of My Heart’. So with ‘You Bring Me Joy’ I want to show people my versatility and the fact I’m a bit of a dancey rock chick. I wanted to come out with quite a big song, so that is exactly what I’ve done with ‘You Bring Me Joy’.

Is that a direction that you want to go into for all of your songs or just this one? Not really, no. I think that when people hear the album, they’ll understand that I am very versatile and that I don’t have a particular favourite type of music. There is quite a varied selection on the album because I want a song to appeal to everybody. There’s basically a song for everyone!

I’m still pinching myself and thinking is this really happening, because I’m still 17 and sometimes I forget how old I am.

X Factor must seem like an age ago now! How did you find the experience on the show? I watched it last Saturday, and I sat there and it finally hit me what actually happened to me in a year. It is still quite hard to believe – I’m still pinching myself and thinking is this really happening, because I’m still 17 and sometimes I forget how old I am. I’ve been on a television show, I’ve got a single coming out, I’ve got a music video and I’m still only 17. It’s quite hard to take in!

When you watched it, did you feel like you were ever there? I watched all the crowds of people waiting to audition when I watched the show on Saturday and I couldn’t believe I came third out of all those people. I’m still grateful for it because it doesn’t happen to many people. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands because lots of people would love to be in that position.

Want to read more from Amelia Lily? Grab issue 16 here for the rest of this interview.
Words Copyright Vanity magazine 2012 // AJ & Billy

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