Inside Issue 15: Megan Massacre

Bright orange hair, immaculate make-up and a smile to die for – Megan Massacre greeted us with a hand shake and a personality you immediately warmed to.
She stars in the hit TV show NY Ink along with Ami James (Miami Ink), models, DJs and of course, tattoos. With bags of talent and no bitchiness about her, we sat down to discuss the show, tattooing and her boyfriend.

It is the second to last date on the tour. How has it been on the road for you? Well it’s been like, what a week we’ve been on tour? (Joey: Ten days.) Yeah, ten days and honestly it is a little bit different from usual like I had a really bad day yesterday. Things are crazy on tour because you’re with a bunch of boys and up until 2 days ago I was the only girl. All the boys are stinky all the time and you sleep in a little bunk – we call it coffin sleeping, because it’s like sleeping in a coffin basically! Me and him actually share a bunk so we’re squished in all the time. And time loses all meaning to you, especially because the time difference from here to New York is 5 hours or something, so the time difference is crazy. It takes about a full week to get used to the time so actually only for the past 2 to 3 days have I actually been waking up when the sun is still up and getting used to it.
Yesterday was a bad day because we all ordered food with our friends out at dinner – and this is my second time in the UK but my first time experiencing the society of it because I worked at a tattoo convention a year or two ago but I didn’t leave the convention. One thing that is different here, is that when you order food, you have to tell them that you want a second course. So you order an appetiser – see we don’t have to do that – and they just bring it out. So all of our friends ate their dinner and we got an appetiser and the other food never came, so we were like ‘Oh, where is our food?’ And our friends left us there and they were like ‘You gotta tell us’ and I didn’t know that so we didn’t get to eat and last night we were running back and forth, and they just got done playing a show and there were fans waiting outside saying ‘Megan can we just take a picture?’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll be right back!’ I ran in and ran back out, slipped on wet concrete, landed on my back, broke my fingers – well I don’t think they’re broken but they’re definitely fractured and they’re all black and blue which sucks because I am here to tattoo. I brought all my tattoo stuff but now I can’t tattoo for two weeks so I guess I’m just hanging out now. I got to make the best of it!

What things have you had to take with you whilst being on tour that you can’t live without? I usually only bring a book bag on tour because it’s easier than having all these suitcases and flying with everything. This time I had to take a few more suitcases because I had all my tattoo equipment in one which is quite a lot of stuff, and then I had my outfits for my photo shoots and whatever else I was doing here. But the one thing that I always bring with me is my make-up. It’s like as a girl, you have to bring your make-up. I have to be able to draw my eye brows, wear my fake eye lashes – make-up is the most important thing and your cell phone charger I’d say. I can live in the same outfit and the same heels.

What about your hair, is it naturally straight? Yeah, my hair is naturally straight and I do have hair straighteners that I use here and there. I don’t really need to use them that much. I can rough it pretty well at this point. One thing girls should definitely have on tour is dry shampoo. Even better than normal dry shampoo, there is this company called Bumble & Bumble. They make dry shampoo but it’s in colours – not crazy colours just yet! I’m trying to convince them to make crazy colours. Bumble & Bumble make crazy colours please! Ha ha. They make black, a red one that is more orange that I use, and what’s cool is you spray in the dry shampoo and it cleans your hair but as your roots grow out when you’re on tour for 5 weeks, it colours them. I usually get my hair done every two weeks to keep it like this, but you can’t do that on tour! They make white, blonde, grey, brown, black and red. I keep telling the company that you should make all the colours. You need to make all the colours because girls that have coloured hair, we can’t wash our hair as much because it comes out fast. That’s like my dream product for hair!

You should make it yourself! I should! I’ve been thinking about it, I’m like, ‘fuck it!’ I’ve been talking to this company and they’re like ‘Eh, get outta here, we don’t wanna hear it!’ And I’m like, ‘no!’ Ha ha, it’s genius!

Want to read more from Megan Massacre? Grab issue 15 here for the rest.
Words & Image Copyright Vanity magazine 2012 // AJ & Melissa Fae

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