Inside Issue 15: Aiden Grimshaw

You have had a great reaction so far to your single ‘Curtain Call’ which is released this month. Did you expect to get such positive vibes from just the video release? No not at all, most things up to now have taken me a little by surprise. The reaction has been amazing, it’s lovely to have such positive comments and stuff – still seems surreal, I wrote it in my spare room!

What was the idea behind the track? ‘Curtain Call’ is the last track on the album, it has that feel to it. When I was writing it I had a picture of like Hugh Grant on his knees in the rain at the end of some cheesy rom-com. It’s the epic feeling of ending in the same place that you started but feeling heaps better for getting it all off your chest because that’s all you can do.

Your debut album ‘Misty Eye’ is released this month. Did you have a theme and a plan for it or did it just flow as you wrote the lyrics? I didn’t have any real plan for it, it was clear what I was going be writing about, but it all just sort of fell into place. I was only writing this album for about 5 weeks so it was all fresh and relevant to me.

When lyrically writing music, do you prefer to write about experiences and memories or is that not your thing? I think I just like to write what I feel at the time. I think you draw off your experiences and memories but I tend to ask a lot of questions in my writing! Ha.

Collabs are all the rage these days! If you could collaborate with any artist on a single, who would it be and why? Andre 3000, because he’d rip that shit up!

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Words Copyright Vanity magazine 2012 // AJ

‘Curtain Call’ is released 12th August.
His debut album ‘Misty Eye’ is released 20th August. Buy the deluxe version or standard version.
Check out Aiden Grimshaw.


Aiden Grimshaw
Misty Eye (RCA Records)

If there is going to be one solo artist you need to listen to this year, it will be Aiden Grimshaw without a doubt. Amongst the cheesy pop tracks and growing rap artists in today’s music industry lies this little gem. ‘Misty Eye’ is an impressive debut album, plus his single ‘Curtain Call’ with its addictive chorus sounds like a song that‘s going to be used over lots of TV footage to say he only wrote it in his spare room!
We are treated to a mixture of laid back tunes consisting of well written lyrics and piano to rap and summer anthems. And it isn’t just the singles ‘Is This Love’ and ‘Curtain Call’ that take all the credit either. We have new favourites such as the album opener ‘Hold On’, perfect for late summer evenings and rainy days, as well as ‘Poachers’ Timing’, ‘Misty Eye’ and ‘What We Gonna Be’.
Aiden should be pretty chuffed with this album, because I’m certain fans will be!

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