Inside Issue 14: Spotlight – Misha B

She is without a doubt going to be a big thing this summer. With a catchy and addictive debut single out this month, Misha B is on her way to becoming the new pop princess, if not one day the Queen like her icon Missy Elliott. We quickly caught up with her for a natter!
Words: AJ

Since appearing on the X Factor last year, how have you grown personally and as a musician?
Personally and mentally I think I am a lot more stronger and aware, and I have grown a better understanding of life and who I am. Musically, I feel like I am on the verge of finding myself out and where I want to be in the next 5 years and where I want to go from there really.

Your debut single ‘Home Run’ is released this month. What can your fans expect from the track?
The track consists of a lot of fun and it is one of those feel good songs which is actually from a ballad that I wrote about an ex and we gave it more of an up- beat!

Be who you are, keep your feet on the ground and work hard!

You have a great singing voice. Who were your inspirations whilst growing up?
My main inspiration has always been Michael Jackson. Also Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

What has been the best advice you have been given since entering the music industry?
Basically be who you are, keep your feet on the ground and work hard!

Want to read the rest of this interview? Go and grab issue 14 here in either print or digital!

The debut single ‘Home Run’ is available to buy now

[All words copyright Vanity magazine 2012]

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