Why Equal Marriage Is Important

Wouldn’t it feel odd to you, that just because of something you are, you can’t do something like everybody else? Getting married is a personal choice, and whether you choose to do it or not should be up to you. Sexuality shouldn’t even come into it. Like the old saying goes: ‘You can’t help who you fall in love with.’ And how true is that? Very! Below is an article from issue 13 of Vanity magazine.

There is now 24 hours until Government Consultation on Equal Marriage closes. Head on over here to do your bit.

Gay or straight – marriage is marriage.  That is the message from people around the UK (and beyond) who are hoping the law will be changed to allow same sex couples to tie the knot like everybody else. With the new campaign Out4Marriage backing the right for equality when it comes to sexuality and marriage, there has been a significant amount of people who work for the government stand up and make a video on why they want change, and not only this, people like Will Smith have also voiced their positive opinion on the subject.
The gay rights movement has come a long way but it still feels like there is a lot further to go. With issues such as homosexuals in football and the fight for equal marriage in the mainstream media, sometimes you wonder why in this day and age, things like this should still matter? Like the charity Stonewall says, ‘Some people are gay, get over it!’ But no matter how many times things like this are said, there will always be that percentage of people who disagree, but the great thing is, gay rights are improving thanks to these campaigns.
“I do not see what is so different about opposite sex marriage and same sex marriage other than genitals.” Megan Birkinshaw from Derby told us. ‘And also when
people say ‘that person’s gay.’ They never say to everyone else ‘Wow, that person’s straight.’ We have bigger problems in the world than same sex marriage being a discussion. We should just accept it as just marriage.” With the small debates on whether people should call it gay marriage or marriage, in the end, it is just a marriage. No matter what your sexuality is or who you are in love with, everybody should have the right to a real and proper wedding to show their commitment to the other person. Whether you are gay, bi or transgender, love is still the same thing, marriage is still the same thing and everybody should have the same rights when it comes to saying ‘I do.’
If you’re a little undecided on the matter, just think of it this way. If you were in love and you wanted to get married to this said person but you couldn’t officially get married, would that matter to you or not? It may not be such a big deal, but just having that right to be able to choose whether to do so or not is a big deal to many. And why shouldn’t people of the same sex have that right just like opposite sex couples? Why should a marriage be denied to someone just become of who they fell in love with?

Words copyright AJ VanityHype magazine, issue 13, 2012
Image at PutItOutThere

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