Vanity magazine issue 13

We may have lost the sun this June but fear not, Vanity is here to give you warmth this season! With a whole jam-packed issue full of interviews, features and colourful imagery, we have spoilt you rotten this month.

– We have a chat with boy band Lawson about touring and their new single currently at #4 in the charts ‘When She Was Mine’. Also, Jack Black and Kyle Glass are back with Tenacious D, William Control, Ryan Jagger and more!

– Vanity are Out4Marriage but are you? We discuss the importance of allowing same sex couples to marry.

– Once a cheater always a cheater? When is it too much when it comes to body mods and what is it with Britain’s obsession with reality TV?

– Plus, the sexiest and hottest tattooed pin-up men, fashion from the high street to the big designers and the DIY, Boys corner full of fashion for men, we have photos from the New Vintage Look and Birmingham Pride. Plus tons more!

Check out the print copy here, or if digital is more your thing look here!

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